USB Rechargeable 3 Modes Light


* The usb rechargeable flashlight is made of quality aluminum alloy material with stable and durable performance; Daily waterproof, high brightness, low power consumption energy saving.

* LED flashlight with 3 modes, highlight, light flash, side cob light, use for long distance observation or large area illumination.

* Zoom in to focus on objects or zoom out to sweep a large area by pulling the flashlight head; The adjustable flashlight beam can be changed as wide or as narrow as you need.



Led flashlight with integrated micro USB charging port enable you to travel anywhere without carrying backup batteries. Light weight and compact size ensure portability; Pocket size flashlight makes it convenient to carry; Suitable for camping, hiking, cycling, emergency, ect.

Note: When the brightness of the flashlight is dimmed, it should be charged in time to ensure normal operation.


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